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1. Name: The name of the association shall be "Alliance for Progress World wide-A Charitable Organisation " and hereafter shall be called "APW".

2. Head Office: The Head Office of the APW shall be located in Calgary in the Province of Alberta, Canada. Branch offices may be established anywhere in the world with approval of the Board of Trustee.

3. Objectives: a. To advance education by providing, or improving, educational programs and facilities in Bangladesh and other developing countries; b. To advance education by providing awards and /or prizes to recognize and encourage achievement by students attending public schools in Bangladesh and other developing countries; and c. To relieve poverty by providing resume writing services and income tax preparation services for needy immigrants and needy community members in Canada.

4. Language: English shall be official language of APW.

5. Mode of Communication:  E-mail and or telephone shall be the mode of communication with any one.

6. Financial Sources: a. APW raises funds by direct contribution from community members, by participating in food fairs, garage sale, auction, raffle draws and piggy banks and by organizing fund raising events. The major fund raising centers around an Annual Fund Raising dinner and cultural Show held every year. Contributors and Donors are called sponsors in the following categories:
 i) Special Sponsor:        Minimum $ 1500.00
 ii) Platinum Sponsor:    Minimum $ 1000.00
 iii) Gold Sponsor:          Minimum $ 500.00
 iv) Silver Sponsor:         Minimum $ 250.00
 v) Participants:              Minimum $ 100.00
 b. Matching fund from Alberta Government 

7. Membership:
 a) The term membership means ‘Annual membership’- shall follow English calendar year
 b) All donors residing in Canada and being of the full age of 18 years, may become a member by a favorable vote passed by a majority of the Board of Trustee at a AGM of the society, and upon payment of the donation.
 c) Ex. (immediate past) Office Bearers shall be the member of APW for at least one term and shall continue if Board of Trustee decides
 d) Donations shall not be refunded in any circumstances 

8. Rights and Privilege:
 a. All sponsors shall have equal rights and privilege. 
 b. ‘Participants’ are members without voting power and exempt from participating any elections. 
 C. All votes must be cast in person.

9. Organizational structure:
9.1 Board of Trustee: Board of Trustee, Executive Committee or Board of Directors, shall mean the Board of Trustee of the Society which consists of 15 members including 7 office bearers.  The Board of Trustee shall operate, manage and supervise all the activities and affairs of the APW. The Board shall also execute the policy decisions approved in a general meeting. 

9.2 Office bearers: Office bearers shall consist of seven (7) executives called Directors to fill the following functional positions.
 a. Chairperson 
 b. Vice-Chairperson
 c. Executive Director
 d. Director Administration
 e. Director Finance 
 f. Director School Affairs 
 g. Director cultural affairs

9.3 Election of Office Bearers:
 i) The trustee of the board of directors with their positions and portfolios shall be elected by the members / sponsors of good standing.
 ii) Any Board of Trustee members of consecutive two ‘terms’ shall participate in the election of Office Bearers
 iii) Office Bearers shall co-opt 8 members of the Board of Trustee from the sponsors of at least consecutive two years

10. Co-Option of any members of any level: In case of any of the following situations the existing board may fill-up that position by co-option from among the Members of the APW:
 a) In case of resignation of any director and or member of Trustee board; 
 b) In case of death or inability to carry out the duties of a director and or member of Trustee board; 
 c) In case of any director and or member not attending regularly scheduled board meetings consecutively for 3 times without showing any valid and reasonable cause(s) of such absenteeism 

11. Responsibility of the members of Board of Trustee:
 11.1 Chairperson The Chairperson shall, when present, preside at all meetings of the society and of the Board  as well as lead the APW and be responsible for all the activities of APW. He/She can call emergency meeting for any reason and at any time.

11.2 Vice Chairperson:  The Vice Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in his/her day-to-day activities and shall assume and carry out all the responsibilities of the APW in his/her absence.

11.3 Executive Director:  The Executive Director shall be responsible for executing all the decisions and co-ordinate all the programs and activities undertaken by the board and the general meeting. 

11.4 Director Administration:  Director Administration shall assist Chairperson, Executive Director as well as the Board to run the Organisation smoothly. He/She shall call the meeting and co-ordinate with the members of Board of Trustee as par the advice of Chairperson and prepare as well as keep minutes of all meetings of the Organisation and produce annual report of school activities to the Board of Trustee for approval. He/she shall be responsible for all the secretarial activities and the custodian of all assets, papers and documents of APW. 

11.5 Director of Finance: Director of Finance shall receive all donations paid to the society and deposit to the Bank. He/she shall properly account and register for the funds and book keeping of the society. He/she shall present a full detailed account statement of receipts and disbursements to the Board for approval at AGM after properly auditing. Director of Finance shall prepare proper documents to submit to Alberta Registries, Canada Revenue Agency and Canadian Charities Directorate.

11.6 Director of School Affairs: Director of School Affairs shall prepare all the documents for funding the schools as per the rules and regulations of Canadian Charity Directorate. Co-ordinate with the schools. Prepare, analyze and submit school annual report to the Board for approval.

11.7 Director of Cultural Affairs: Director of Cultural affairs shall organize youth volunteers and children of the society and arrange cultural, recreational and social activities and provide services for the general well being of the members in favour of APW. He/she shall be responsible for successfully organising annual fund raising dinner and other events as decided by the Board.

12. Meeting :
12.1 Annual General Meeting (AGM):  At least one general meeting shall be held in each year. The Director Administration shall give notice by e-mail to all members in good standing, informing the date, time, place and agenda of the meeting at least one week prior to the date of the general meeting. The Chairperson shall have tie vote in case of members are evenly divided.

12.2 Board of Directors meeting: In any Board meeting minimum of one-third of the trustees should be present to make any decision. The president shall have tie vote in case trustees are evenly divided.

12.3 Requisition of a meeting: Written requisition to the Board of Trustees by more than half of the total members in good standing shall be required for requesting a general meeting to consider such matter as requested in the requisition letter. The Director of Administration shall there upon send out the notice of General Meeting not later than 15 days after receipt of such request.

13. Quorum: A quorum for a general meeting shall be one-third of the members in the membership list. At all meetings, unless otherwise stated, a simple majority shall decide every issue.

14. Elections And Terms: The election for the positions of the Office Bearers in the Board of Trustee shall be held every two years. Election shall be held in closed ballot. Qualified members who has not withdrawn from membership nor has been suspended or expelled as herein provided shall have the right to vote at any meeting of the organisation. Such votes must be made in person and not by proxy or otherwise.

14.1 Election Commission:  The term of the board of directors expires on the 31st December of the year. 30 days before the expiry date of the term, the board shall nominate a three-member election commission headed by an Election Commissioner from the members. The members of the election commission shall not be eligible for election as a member of the board of Trustee.

14.2 Function of the Election Commission:  The function of the election commission shall be as follows:
(a) Notify the date, time and place of the election; election commission may, at their option, decide for conducting  the election on the pre specified date. 
 (b) Communicate and implement the rules and procedure of the election process; 
 (c) Verify, authenticate and display the voters list; 
 (d) Entertain and validate nominations; 
 (e) Conduct election in a fair and impartial manner; 
 (f) Declare the election results and maintain a list of total candidates and voting records 
 (g) Arrange the changeover of the administration. 

15. Safeguard of Funds and Other Valuables: Cash, cheques, and other valuables of the ABEAC shall be deposited for safe keeping in a bank or in any other financial institution in Calgary selected by the board of directors. For withdrawal of fund or issuance of cheques, co-signatures of any two of the following members of the board shall be required:
 (a) Chairperson 
 (b) Executive Director 
 (c) Director, Finance.  The Organisation shall not borrow money in any circumstances from any individual or a financial institution.

16. Audit:
 16.1 Every year the account statement of the organisation shall be audited by an auditor appointed the Board of Trustee. The audited report must be placed before the Annual General Meeting for approval.
 16.2 The books and records of the society may be inspected by Executive Director at the Annual General Meeting. Each member of the Board shall at all times have access to such books and records.

17. Remuneration Every member is working voluntarily which has the monetary value. This shall be min. 5% of the annual income and used for the future development of the organisation.

18. Amendments: The bylaws may be amended by a special resolution in a general meeting. Any member in good standing may propose a special resolution for amendment and it must be approved by three-fourth of those who attended the properly called general meeting.





We are an envy to other schools because of our science lab. Thanks to APW for its invaluable contribution.

  -- Headmaster, Mominpur High School

The teachers are inspired by the contribution of APW in coaching.

  -- Headmaster, Morjal High School

With help from APW, our students can dream of becoming professionals.

  -- Managing Committee Chairman, Barakeshtola High School

Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development

  -- Kofi Annan

Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world

  -- Nelson Mandela